The Wind Of Change #


I had absolutely no reason to install Ubuntu onto my laptop. Except for one thing – I desperately needed to make a change in my life.

John William Waterhouse Boreas 1903

A few months back I realized I changed significantly. Indeed, I have been living in this world for 37 years, I went through a severe mid-life crisis, I gave birth to a child. I definitely became a new person and my environment didn't seem to fit me anymore.

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The Number 7 #


Do you believe in numerology?
Pythagoras did and I believe in Pythagoras.

Piet Mondrian "Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black" 1921

I was 35 (7×5) y. old yesterday, on the 7th of October 2007.
My mother presented me a ticket to the show which began at 7 p.m.
I was sitting on the 21 (7×3) seat of the 7th row.

Maybe it means something. Maybe it doesn’t.

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Political Correctness #


Several weeks ago listening to the radio I heard an amusing phrase “Pushkin’s ancestor was a famous African American”.

Orest Kiprensky "Portrait of Alexander Pushkin" 1827

Maybe it is nessesary to explain that the greatest Russian poet A.S.Pushkin, whose portret you can see above, really was a direct descendant of a black man named Gannibal, a heir of a small North African land who had been kidnapped as a child and presented to tsar Peter I and then had built a succesful career in the Army. But neither Pushkin nor his famous black ancestor were not related to America in any way.

I almost forgot this, but yesterday I heard another phrase which made me think that the word “African American” concerning to Abraham Gannibal was not a slip of the tongue but such a deliberate decision. It appeared that “in Johannesburg there are African Americans live”. Do you think that calling citizens of Africa “Americans” even adding a prefics “African” is a little too much ?

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La Danse Macabre #


Two neighbours of my english teacher have died within two weeks...

Constantin Somov "Harlequin and Death" 1907

I was dazed and even slightly frightened. And to my amazement I've realised that I considered death such a surprise although it is the one and only thing which we will certainly encounter.

It reminded me of a joke I'd heard earlie.
A diary entry: I chose to live forever. So far everything has been going swimmingly...

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A General Disinclination To Work Of Any Kind #


Do you remember that it was the main sympthom of a liver decease according to Jerome K. Jerome?

Edgar Degas "Women Ironing" 1984-1986

Well, six months ago I changed my regular work to a free-lance one expecting to work less. I supposed I would have enough time for other activities but it looked as if I overestimated my resources.

Now, I have my freelance job, which turned out to be permanent, my english lessons, which are too much interesting to stop them, the master-class of journalism I set my special hopes on. Mes cours français, ils ont finis deux moins tard le term.

Plus it seems like time for travelling comes.

I’ve just got back from Odessa where I was in a mathematical conference with my husband. In two weeks, early in May, I will go to Vinnica with my mother and brother for participating in International Complex Olympiad. In July, I am to go to France and, in September, to Russia to meet with my father.

I am scared just by reading the list of all these affairs and trips.
And I don’t want to work, to study, to write or even to travel.
All I want is to lie in my bed reading a kind of pulp fiction and to do nothing.
Is it my liver that is out of order?

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Beauty Or The Beast? #


Does “what is beatiful is good” stereotype really exist?

Kitawaga Utamaro Okita of Naniwa-ya 1792-1793.

In my life I would often face another stereotype which is contrary to the one I mentioned. People always assume a beautiful woman to be a bit of an idiot. I surmise that they also suppose a handsome man to be such a gigolo.

Being beautiful is a hard destiny. All the people expect you to be happy and successful. But many of them would hate you if you justified their hopes. And nobody will be surprised with your success stating your appearance to be a course of it.

P.S. Actually I must recognize that being an ugly person is a poor destiny too…

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Junk Food #


People whose desires are not reasonable might make a bad impression. But people whose desires are subdued are certain to become maniacs.

Willem Claesz. Heda "Still Life" (1634)

I swear I usually eat healthy fresh and simple meal. But sometimes I’m dying to try so-called “bad” food. It is a desire I can’t cope with so I am just forced to satisfy it. But eventhough I cannot manage my desire I can choose the most healthy meal among junk food when I am overwhelmed by my gastronomic lust.

A couple of hours ago I bought a packet of pelmenies which is considered as a reasonable compromise between my organism needs and common sense requirements.

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The Best Present We Got For The New Year #


My husband has a friend who is a proud owner of an expensive camera. He always took photos of our parties he went to. As long as about three years ago he promised to bring together all the pictures he had taken and to burn a CD, but years passed and we never got our present.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder "The Hunters in the Snow (January)" 1565.

However, for this year holiday he seemed to solve the problem he couldn’t cope with ealier. By the New Year he decided to repay all his debts which he had been burdened with. So we recieved a new year gift the CD we had been waiting for so long.

Usually we trust our friends we get presents from so on this occasion we didn’t scan his CD and just looked through it. As a result the entire next day we were cleaning our HDD of great many viruses this CD had brought to our computer.

What should we say?
Merci beaucoup pour votre present! Et Bonne année!

P.S. It is not easy to make up sensible sentences using appointed grammar structures (in this case there are objective clauses). I coped well, didn't I?

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